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Welcome to my shop! I hope you find new favourites from these carefully curated designs of eco-friendly, reusable non-medical fitted face masks/covers.

Think expressive, not oppressive. Be kind. Be safe. And have fun while doing it!

Namaske - The mask on me honours the mask on you.
Namaske – The mask on me honours the mask on you.

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Animals | Birds | Cats | Dogs  | Botanical | Bold | Floral | Food Geometric | Japanese | Licensed | Plain
12 Days of Christmask

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Each structured three-layer face masks consists of:

  • an outer layer of tightly woven cotton fabric (unless specified in select special linen or cotton blend fabrics);
  • a sewn/built-in middle layer of non-woven medium-weight polypropylene (PP) filter;
  • an inner layer of tightly woven 100% Japanese cotton fabric—very soft and gentle on skin;
  • a pocket to add another filter;
  • a removable and flexible double-core nosepiece (one included) housed in a discreet pocket. The nosepiece contributes to a snug fit over the face, which can also reduce fogging for eyeglass wearers.

These masks are meant to be washed after every use, as recommended by healthcare professionals.

I use minimal packaging and all shipping materials are made of recycled paper.

Each item is handcrafted-to-order with joy in Vancouver, B.C.,Canada.

Disclaimer:  Mask with Joy fitted face covers/masks are NOT meant for medical use. No guarantee is made regarding its effectiveness against any virus, bacteria, or disease. Wearing a non-medical mask in public is recommended when a 2-metre physical distance from others cannot be maintained. Masks alone will not prevent the spread of Covid-19. To learn more about the Government of Canada's recommendations for safety during the pandemic, please visit their websit:



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Mask Designs

Animals | Birds | Cats | Dogs  | Botanical | Bold | Floral | Food Geometric | Japanese | Licensed | Plain