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Namaske - The mask on me honours the mask on you.
Namaske – The mask on me honours the mask on you.

Welcome to Mask with Joy! I hope you find new favourites from these curated eco-friendly, reusable non-medical fitted face masks/covers in fun fabrics.

Think expressive, not oppressive. Be kind. Be safe. And have fun while doing it!

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These made-t0-order structured face masks come with a sewn/built-in non-woven filter, and is designed with a separate pockets to add another filter and another pocket for the adjustable nosepiece (included). Using an adjustable nosepiece creates a snug fit over the face without fogging your eye glasses. These masks are meant to be washed after every use, as recommended by healthcare professionals. The inner lining that touches your face is a soft 100% cotton fabric (Sevenberry Kobe from Japan).

You will also find matching cat and dog bow ties in the store. To reduce fabric waste, these cute pet accessories are crafted from fabric ends and pieces that would not fit into the mask panels, and would otherwise be thrown out.

Packaging is minimal and except for sticker labels, all shipping materials are made of recycled paper. We do not use plastic in our packages. 

Each fitted face mask and bow tie are handcrafted with joy in Vancouver, B.C., Canada.

Disclaimer:  Mask with Joy reusable and washable 3-layer fitted face covers/masks are NOT meant for medical use. We do not guarantee its effectiveness against any virus, bacteria, or disease. Wearing a non-medical mask or face covering while out in public is recommended when a 2-metre physical distance from others cannot be maintained. Masks alone will not prevent the spread of Covid-19. To learn more about the Government of Canada's recommendations for safety during the pandemic, please visit their websit:



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