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Keep Christmas Green: Advent Calendars

  • December 12, 2019
  • by

I’m trying to keep Christmas green this year and as much as I look forward to them, I decided to skip buying advent calendars for myself or others. It’s all about having less waste and avoiding excess.

Advent Calendars were not a thing when I was growing up and it was not until almost a decade of moving to North America that I had given them to friends’ kids. I have even made a few elaborate ones for my partners’ kids when they were younger. As for myself, DavidsTea’s 24 Days of Tea was the first one I’ve purchased back in 2016.

After we finished all 24 days of tea for more than a month, I decided to keep the box and tins with the hope of reusing them. It wasn’t until today that something clicked, thanks to a conversation with an IG acquaintance about cutting out advent calendars this year. She mentioned that she reused her old DavidsTea calendar and filled it with chocolates.

AHA! That’s just perfect.

I took my set out and wiped them clean—thank goodness tea is not messy. Luckily, I had been buying chocolates truffles from local shops the past week and have enough to fill the days until Christmas.

DIY advent calendar

Better late than never, right? I think my partner J was a little disappointed I hadn’t filled the previous 10 days. Ha ha.

Thinking ahead for next year, I will be that odd lady who brings her own container at Thomas Haas and Beta5 to buy 24 pieces of chocolate to put in her Advent Calendar. You heard it here first.

What about you? Did you get an advent calendar for kinds or for yourself this year? 

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