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Unconventional Gift Guide for Mother’s Day

Unconventional Gift Guide for Mother’s Day

  • April 30, 2020
  • by

Hello Friends and sorry for the delay in putting this out. What a time we live in. When I switched completely to using clean and safer personal care products and eventually decided to join as a consultant** with  Beautycounter last year, I never would have thought that more that 7 months later I would be creating an unconventional gift guide for Mother’s Day. Unconventional times call for categories like:

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Speak Moistly Frontliner Care Keep Calm and Facial and Spa at Home Zoomference Ready Party in Place Sunny Backyard Vacations

Here we are, thanks to Covid-19....

Picking A Clean Red Lipstick

Picking A Clean Red Lipstick

  • February 07, 2020
  • by

Picking a clean red lipstick? What is that? Ask about just red lipsticks you’ll find two opposing camps: you’ll either find some who LOVE...

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